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IaaS for creating and managing private and public clouds.

Possibility to increase or decrease resources according to the customer needs. Thus the highest possible level of web performance can be reached accordingly and the maximum flexibility is there for any Web site growth.

Each VM that is created within the Cloud Data Center includes 2TB of throughput and if more throughput is required we can add accordingly at a cost/month.

Storage (HP 3Par) is already redundant for Data Center services.

Full access to the Cloud Data Center.

If software updates and / or security patches are needed, they can be arranged upon request.

phpMyAdmin available for managing DBs. Support of a wide range of operations on MySQL and MariaDB.

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Private AND / OR Public Cloud Data Center offer, with customizable:
– CPU Cores (starting from 1)
– Storage (starting from 60 Gb)
– Total IOPS (starting from 800)
– RAM (starting from 1 Gb)
– IP Addresses (starting from 1)

Virtual data centers enable users to easily create and provision instances of Virtual Machines using flexible resource allocation according to the user actual needs.

Is possible to:
Create a dedicated private network
Manage the entire Infrastructure
Monitor and control resources

Costs on service level agreement.

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